Demographic Information

Congressional District Profile
Pennsylvania: Congressional District 1 (113th Congress)
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Population Estimate
Total Population 678,723
Sex Estimate
Total Population 678,723
Male 324,848
Female 353,875
Age Estimate
Total Population 678,723
Under 5 years 48,442
5 to 9 years 42,292
10 to 14 years 40,940
15 to 19 years 47,043
20 to 24 years 56,660
25 to 34 years 109,295
35 to 44 years 90,388
45 to 54 years 90,185
55 to 59 years 43,210
60 to 64 years 33,940
65 years and over 76,328
Race Estimate
Total Population 678,723
One Race 660,588
White 326,890
Black or African American 229,029
American Indian and Alaska Native 1,265
Asian 46,226
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 305
Some Other Race 56,873
Two or More Races 18,135
Hispanic or Latino Origin Estimate
Total Population 678,723
Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 107,681
Not Hispanic or Latino 571,042
Income (In 2011 Inflation-Adjusted Dollars) Estimate
Median Household Income $35,702
Housing Occupancy Estimate
Total Housing Units 299,393
Occupied Housing Units 257,386
Vacant Housing Units 42,007
Housing Tenure Estimate
Occupied Housing Units 257,386
Owner-Occupied Housing Units 144,578
Renter-Occupied Housing Units 112,808
Educational Attainment Estimate
Population 25 Years and Over 443,346
Less than 9th Grade 33,406
9th to 12th Grade, No Diploma 62,141
High School Graduate (Includes Equivalency) 152,925
Some College, No Degree 71,001
Associate's Degree 24,972
Bachelor's Degree 59,235
Graduate or Professional Degree 39,666
Percent High School Graduate or Higher 78.4%
Percent Bachelor's Degree or Higher 22.3%
Veteran Status Estimate
Civilian Population 18 Years and Over 522,361
Civilian Veterans 33,318
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2011 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates.
A '0' margin of error indicates this estimate was set equal to a population control, and therefore is without sampling error.
An 'N' indicates that this geographic area has too few sample cases to display an estimate. An '(X)' means no estimate applies.
Except where noted, 'race' refers to people reporting only one race.  'Hispanic' refers to an ethnic category; Hispanics may be of any race.
If calculating a percentage, use the total population line within the section as the denominator. Do not use total population lines from other sections since these may have different universes.
Margins of error will be included in the spreadsheet in a future release of Easy Stats.