Bob Brady questions SEPTA/NTSB investigation of latest train crash

Aug 25, 2017


 PHILADELPHIA --- Congressman Bob Brady (D., PA) says SEPTA should shut down the Norristown High Speed Line (NHSL) while the investigation of the train crash continues. After visiting the 69th Street Transportation Center this morning for a firsthand look at the accident site, Brady said SEPTA should utilize shuttle buses until they determine what caused the Tuesday crash in Upper Darby. “We have no indication what caused this crash and until that can be decided SEPTA needs to err on the side of caution and in the best interests of the riding public.”  

Brady added, “I’m frustrated because rather than hearing what the problem is all I hear is that this investigation is continuing as well as the investigation of the crash six months ago.”

In addition, Brady said he has talked to Upper Darby Mayor Thomas Micozzie who has also expressed his concerns regarding rail safety at the transportation center.   

In closing, Brady said in spite of his continuing concerns for safety, the response from emergency personnel immediately following the crash was outstanding. “My criticism is not directed at the first responders. The police and fire personnel were on the scene within minutes and were able to give aid and transport the injured passengers and crewmembers. Their actions should not be overlooked.”