Brady says the American people won when the TrumpCare bill was pulled

Mar 27, 2017 Issues: Health care

PHILADELPHIA ---  Congressman Bob Brady (D., PA) released the following statement after Speaker Ryan pulled vote for TrumpCare bill:

“I am pleased that the Republicans failed in their efforts to snatch back a healthcare system that is working for millions of Americans. I am sorry that Republicans have not had the opportunity to talk to my constituents who before Obamacare did not have healthcare insurance. Sure there are tweaks that can be made to Obamacare and we can do that on hopefully a bipartisan effort on behalf of the American people.  And, it is interesting that President Trump and Speaker Ryan tried their best to repeal the bill on the 7th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act. It seems as though they have a vendetta against President Obama and they are willing endanger the health of Americans in that effort.“