Brady signs on to strongly worded letter to House Speaker expressing concern regarding efforts to undermine Title X family planning

Feb 15, 2017 Issues: Health care, Women's Issues

PHILADELPHIA --- Congressman Bob Brady, (D., PA) has signed on to a letter to Speaker of the House  of Representatives Paul Ryan to express concern regarding “efforts to undermine Title X family planning.” The letter signed by 162 House members charges Republicans with starting the 115th Congress , “… with a total assault on women’s choices, access to care and economic security.”  

The letter stresses, “Now with the most recent effort to weaken the Title X national family planning program through the Congressional Review Act, Republicans have demonstrated that they will stop at nothing to limit women’s access to vital health care. Sadly this includes contraception and family planning that all women need.”

Title X is the only federal grant program dedicated solely to providing comprehensive family planning. Brady said, “It’s important to note that family planning, includes a range of services, such as contraception and basic preventative care. And, without the contraceptive services offered at Title X centers, the rates of unintended pregnancies  would by 33% higher across the board and 30% higher for teens.”

In conclusion the letter states, “Women across the United States, and the men who support them, have had enough. It is unconscionable that this common sense clarification has become a political football  for members of Congress who want to limit women’s access to comprehensive reproductive  health care. We urge you to stand in support of women and oppose this assault on contraceptive access and care.”