Congressman Bob Brady says the $5 a day food challenge is a real challenge

Apr 24, 2012


(Philadelphia)— On the second day of the week-long Greater Philadelphia Food Stamp Challenge, sponsored by the Jewish Federation and the Coalition Against Hunger, Congressman Bob Brady (D., PA) said he had a dinner of chicken, carrots, lettuce and a cup of tea yesterday. “It wasn’t filling, but I got through the night. And, this morning’s breakfast of bran cereal did not take the place of eggs, hash browns and sausage. Today, election day, is going to be a real challenge.”
The Food Stamp Challenge is designed to raise awareness about the importance of food stamps (now called SNAP) and highlight the policy issues that affect Pennsylvanians’ access to the program, specifically the 2012 Farm Bill, the federal legislation that funds the program. The Challenge also takes place the week before the planned asset test for SNAP goes into effect in Pennsylvania, which will disqualify thousands of low-income families from food assistance. 
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