Congressman Brady calls for immediate action on Medicaid funding for Puerto Rico

Apr 6, 2017 Issues: Health care

PHILADELPHIA --- Congressman Robert A. Brady (D., PA) says, “Medicaid funding for Puerto Rico must be a top priority and it must be immediate.” In a letter to Speaker Ryan, Brady and 73 House members stress that legislation must be enacted immediately to ensure full fiscal year financing for 2018 to avoid expiration of funding that could result in more than one million Puerto Ricans losing Medicaid coverage.

The letter warns, “Congress’ failure to address this funding gap will not only exacerbate Puerto Rico’s already fragile fiscal condition but will deny health coverage to nearly one million residents on the island.” In addition, Brady and his fellow House members say, “Not addressing the ‘cliff’ will result in additional outmigration to the mainland, where the cost of providing Medicaid is much greater than on the island.

“We are gravely concerned about the implications of the “cliff” and, for this reason, believe that it must have Congress’ full attention. The risks are too great to wait. Therefore, we urge you to make Medicaid funding for Puerto Rico a top priority and promptly bring legislation to the House floor as soon as possible.”

“The residents of Puerto Rico should not have to suffer because of our unwillingness to act,” Congressman Brady said in conclusion.