Congressman Brady re-elected Ranking Member of the House Committee on Administration

Nov 29, 2012


PHILADELPHIA --- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced today the re-election  of Congressman Bob Brady as Ranking Member (Democratic Chair) of the Committee on House Administration (CHA) in the 113th Congress.  Brady was nominated by Leader Pelosi and elected unanimously by the House Democratic Caucus. He was first elected Chairman of the CHA in May of 2007 and served until the end of the 111th Congress in December 2010. He was elected Ranking Member during the 112th Congress which ends on January 1, 2013. 
“Middle class families across the country will benefit from the wealth of knowledge Congressman Brady brings to this committee,” Leader Pelosi said. “Congressman Brady is a leader who is committed to working with his Republican chairman to make progress for the American people.” 
In response Congressman Brady said, “I am honored by Leader Pelosi’s nomination to remain Ranking Member of the CHA and humbled by the trust placed in me by Democratic colleagues.”
Brady is the first Philadelphian to chair a full committee since 1988 and he is also the 4th most senior Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee. Brady said, “I’ve been a leader in the House’s effort to fight voter suppression, improve access to polls, and stop the flow of unlimited, unregulated money into our political system and through my leadership, we have made a positive impact in protecting free and fair elections and the right to vote in them. In the 113th Congress, I will continue to use my position as Ranking Member to protect every American’s right to vote.” 
In the 112th Congress, Brady worked with other Democratic leaders to introduce the first comprehensive piece of voting legislation in a generation, The Voter Empowerment Act.  This bill would modernize voter registration, ensure equal access to the ballot box for all Americans, and prohibit deceptive practices and voter fraud that keep people from exercising their constitutional right to vote.
In addition to legislation, the Committee fought on numerous fronts to protect the constitutionally guaranteed right to vote. Brady explained, “Where we saw eligible voters purged from the rolls, we engaged the Justice Department and the Attorney general to prevent widespread disenfranchisement. As Ranking Member, I pushed for hearings and consideration of the bill. Despite widespread public support, Republican Leadership refused to listen. In the next Congress, I will continue to push Republicans to listen to their constituents, and address the mess made by unlimited, secret campaign spending.”