Congressman Brady says the appointment of a special counsel to oversee the Russia/Trump investigation is the right decision, but there’s still the need for an independent commission

May 18, 2017

Philadelphia ----  Congressman Bob Brady (D., PA) released the following statement after former FBI Director Robert Mueller III was appointed as special prosecutor:

"Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein made the right decision in appointing a special counsel to oversee the investigation into Russia's interference in our presidential election.  While I trust the FBI to handle the investigation in a professional manner, the Trump administration tainted Rosenstein during the firing of Director Comey. I call on former Director Robert Mueller to conduct a thorough investigation on behalf of the American people. However, this appointment does not dismiss the need for an independent commission to investigate Russia’s attack on our electoral process.”

Earlier today, Brady joined his Democratic colleagues in signing a discharge petition on the Swalwell-Cummings Protecting Our Democracy Act, which would establish the independent, outside commission. "The special counsel does not remove the need for an outside commission," Brady repeated. "Mueller will be looking at any espionage, collusion or crimes committed during the Russian hack. But, we still need a 911 style commission to look into the hack and to find ways to prevent future foreign intervention in our elections."

Brady serves as the top Democrat on the Committee on House Administration, which oversees Federal elections.