Congressman Brady signs amicus brief challenging President Trump’s anti-immigrant and anti-refugee executive order

Feb 23, 2017


PHILADELPHIA --- Congressman Bob Brady, (D., PA) has signed an amicus brief challenging the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant and anti-refugee executive order. The brief in the Eastern District of New York case Darweesh, et. al. v. Trump charges that the Muslim and refugee ban is illegal and is un-American.

Brady said, “I was at the Philadelphia airport in the midst of mass confusion when the ban first went into effect.  Hundreds of people with visas who had endured months and sometimes years of vetting were denied entry and some were detained. Even more were stranded enroute to the U.S. It was absolute chaos.”   

Brady said, “This order’s religious discrimination is counter to the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of due process, that as the brief outlines, ‘… incorporates principles of equal protection under the Fourteenth Amendment.”

Brady, whose Italian and Irish family were immigrants, added,  “My Catholic family came to this country in search of the American dream and was welcomed here. But, the Trump order discriminates against those identified as Muslims, following their faith.“