Military Academy Nominations

Acceptance to the Military, Naval, Air Force, or Merchant Marine Academies requires a political nomination.  The following details the process you must go through to be considered for a nomination from Congressman Brady.

The Coast Guard Academy does not require a political nomination.  For more information on the Coast Guard Academy, visit

Summary of the Nomination and Appointment Process
Qualification Factors
Application Requirements

Summary of the Nomination and Appointment Process

The following schedule is a GUIDE to the timing of important steps in the nomination and appointment process for the 1st Congressional District.


Congressman begins to receive applications for Nominations to the Service Academies.


Screening of applicants, including interviews

THROUGH DECEMBER (when possible).

Academies provide periodic pre-candidate evaluations to Congressman based on the Pre-candidate Questionnaire (PCQ). Congressman provides periodic updates to candidates.


Congressman submits names of identified nominees to the appropriate agencies representing the Academies.


Academies send out early offers of appointment.


Academies offer the majority of appointments.


Academies offer additional appointments to replace candidates who decline their appointments.


Newly appointed classes enter the Academies.

Service Academy Qualifying Factors

My Service Academy Advisory Board has always made it a policy to accept those applications from students who live within the 1st Congressional District only. Following is a list of the minimum qualifications for nomination. If you meet these factors, it is recommended that you submit application materials as early as possible.

(1) at least 17 but not yet 22 years of age

(2) citizen of the United States

(3) not married, pregnant or have legal obligation to support a child

(4) physical requirements vary; therefore it is advised that you contact the academy directly

(5) academic record:

A.minimum SAT scores 500/verbal and 550/math or minimum ACT scores of 21/English and 24/Math

B.rank in upper 40% of class

C. outstanding participation and performance in high school extracurricular activities (athletic/non-athletic)

Application Requirements

My deadline for the class entering in the summer of 2019 is November 2, 2018. All required materials listed below must be submitted to my office no later than this date. The competition is very keen; therefore, it is important that you keep my office as well as the academy advised of your extracurricular activities, awards, and honors as you progress through the first semester of your Senior Year. NOMINATIONS ARE COMPETITIVE AND ALL DEADLINES MUST BE MET. ANY FILE NOT CONTAINING ALL OF THE ABOVE INFORMATION WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY REMOVED FROM THE COMPETITION AND ALL INFORMATION MUST BE SUBMITTED IN ONE PACKAGE.

  • Personal Letter of Introduction (requesting nomination, stating career goals, providing information concerning parents, residency, phone number, Social Security number, date of birth, etc.)
  • Three Letters of Recommendation (one of which must be from your academic counselor)
  • Current High School Transcript (showing GPA, class rank and SAT scores)
  • Academy Nomination Check Off


Thank you for your interest in the U.S. Service Academies. As your 1st District Representative in the U.S. House of Representatives, each year I have the privilege of nominating a limited number of people to four of the five service academies. The honor of attending a service academy comes with an obligation and commitment to serve in the military for a minimum of five years upon graduation. For more information, please review my page of Frequently Asked Questions for those seeking a Military Academy Nomination. Best wishes to you as you pursue your goal of attending one of the U.S. Service Academies and serving our country.

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An appointment to the Service Academies is based on a desire by the candidate to devote a lifetime of military service and implies recognition by the appointee of an obligation to the government to devote him / herself to a military career. Are you interested in an appointment on that basis?

Additional Information

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